Bahía Urbana Puerto Rico

Bahía Urbana is for you!

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All the wonders of Puerto Rico in one place

With Bahía Urbana, a space will open to show the world how our music, sports, gastronomy, and natural beauty make us shine.

It also represents the resurgence of Puerto Rico through Bahía Urbana.

Flying Theater
Flying Theater
Flying Theater

An extraordinary journey awaits every visitor with “Enchanted Flights,” our immersive experience that will take them above the stunning landscapes of the Enchanted Island. They will enjoy iconic cities, landmarks, and natural wonders as the sensation of flight comes to life with 4D effects by feeling the rush of wind, the refreshing mist of the ocean, and the captivating scents of the rainforest. This will be a discovery flight where reality and magic converge into an unforgettable adventure.

The Wheel
The Wheel
The Wheel

At Bahía Urbana we want to elevate the Puerto Rican experience to new heights. This is the reason why Bahía Urbana will provide a unique perspective to our visitors with a panoramic view from an observation wheel so that everyone can see how truly beautiful the wonders of our Island are.

From the top, you will be able to see our entire coast including El Yunque.

This unique view, at almost 200-foot high, will allow anyone at the top to have a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean to the north, up to the Escambrón Beach.

Floating Islands
Bahia Urbana Isla Flotante Puerto Rico

Our Floating Islands will offer a space to sample the many beach-related activities we enjoy, such as water sports and swimming.

It will also serve as a space to relax after exercising. The space will include a hammock area for those visitors who want to relax even more on the first urban beach in the Caribbean, making the area a much-needed oasis in the city.

The Aviary
The Aviary

The Aviary will provide an experience of green spaces to enjoy the flora and fauna typical of our forests. Here, families can come face to face with nature and enjoy native plants and species surrounded by the emblematic sounds of the rainy and mountainous areas of Puerto Rico that have inspired songs and poems for hundreds of years.

This space of pure nature will transport you to places like El Yunque or Cerro Punta, right here in San Juan. The Aviary will have an educational area led by a team dedicated to the conservation of nature.

Bahia Urbana El Mercado Puerto Rico
Bahia Urbana The Market

Bahía Urbana will have a space full of flavors, aromas, colors, and life. Little shops, cafes, and restaurants will celebrate our unique gastronomy that incorporates African, Caribbean, and Spanish influences. 

There will also be a beautiful Mercado de Pueblo, the center for local artisans to display their work in the open air and evoke the different market squares of our beautiful towns in Puerto Rico. Here visitors will be able to buy fruits and vegetables while enjoying the breeze from the San Juan Bay.

At night the area will become a vibrant and colorful meeting place where everyone can enjoy outdoor food, music, and the emblematic atmosphere of our public squares.

Bay Club
Bay Club
Bay Club Puerto Rico

The perfect retreat: a coastal haven of ocean breezes, chic dining, and Puerto Rican culinary delights converge at The Bay Club. A space where locals and tourists alike will experience full-service dining on an expansive Taíno-inspired pavilion with seating options overlooking the pool along the waterfront.

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